Everbuild Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner is an aerosol product containing a solvent for cleaning all uncured PU foams. It attaches to gun foam applicators for purging through; also includes a spray nozzle for use without applicator to remove wet foam from the outside of the gun and from most building substrates.

Available in:
500ml Aerosol

How to use

  • Cleaning Foam Gun Nozzles

    If foam is left attached to the gun, spray Everbuild Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner over the outside of the discharge nozzle before storage to remove any residues which may seize up the valve.

  • Cleaning Foam Guns

    Attach Everbuild Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner to your gun by screwing the canister onto the gun adapter until it will go no further. Pull the trigger on the gun to release the solvent into the gun barrel and discharge the solvent into a suitable container for disposal. Only stop discharging the cleaner when the solution being ejected from the gun is completely clear. Leave attached to the gun for 5 minutes to allow the solvent in the gun to work on the residues inside. Pull the trigger once again until only clear solvent emerges. Leave for a further 5 minutes and repeat this process 2 or 3 times until the gun is completely clear.