Everbuild Fix & Fill is a quick-setting one-part polyurethane foam in aerosol form. Fix & Fill is supplied with attachable nozzles. The foam expands on application up to 150% its original volume. Once cured the foam can be cut, sawn or plastered over after only one hour providing the working temperatures (can and surfaces) are between +5°C to +30°C, ideally 20°C.


Available in:
750ml Aerosol


  • Window Frames
  • Door Frames
  • SIP Panels
  • Timber structures
  • Air Conditioning Vents
  • Acoustic Gap Filling
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Wall Penetrations
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Electrical penetrations
  • Water Pipes

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

How to use

  • Substrate Preparation

    Ensure substrates are clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Priming is not required.

  • Application

    Shake can well before use (about 20 times). Carefully fix nozzle. Only partially fill cavities as the foam will expand to fill the remaining space. When used for fixing door frames, supports must be used until the foam is fully cured.

  • Cleaning

    Any excess foam can be removed whilst still wet with Everbuild Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner. Cured foam must be removed mechanically.