PU5380 is an MDI based polyurethane prepolymer for use as a rubber mulch binder. It has a relatively low viscosity, and its fast cure speed is ideal for the application of play areas and paths. PU5380 has been tailored for bonding rubber mulch systems, to minimize drain through on installation.


Available in:
220kg Steel Drum
22kg Plastic Pail

How to use

  • Application Temperature

    +15°C until +40°C

  • Substrate Preparation

    Ensure the ground to be coated is well prepared. All loose material should be removed. Ensure the surface is free from contamination such as oil and grease. The surface should also be dry.

  • Mixing

    Mix rubber mulch flakes and binder PU5380 at desired ratio. Ensure the volumetric ratio of binder addition is considered as the bulk density of rubbers will vary. Rubber mulch flakes should be dry in order to stop accelerated cure times and foaming of the binder.
    For adequate mixing, a high torque rotary mixer should be used. Rubber and binder should be mixed for up to 5 minutes ensuring all the rubber is coated.

  • Installation

    The product can then be laid out on a prepared surface and compacted using a hand trowel or weighted roller. Ensure an even compaction of the rubber. A release agent should be used on all tools to avoid adhesion of the binder to the tools. Ensure all equipment is cleaned well after use.
    In some cases, particularly low temperatures, D4861 Rubber Crumb Binder Accelerator may need to be added. Further details available on request.