Sabre FC Expanding Foam Cleaner has been developed for the removal of uncured construction foam from clothes and tools as well as for the immediate inside and outside cleaning of Sabre foam guns after use. Sabre FC can also be used for the cleaning of window frames, windowsills, doors, jambs, etc. from uncured construction foam during work.

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How to use

  • Application Temperature

    -10°C until +30°C

  • Instruction for Use

    Use the spray nozzle on the container to remove foam from clothes and surfaces. In order to clean foam gun from inside, connect the container of the cleaning agent with the gun, by holding the gun handle with one hand and turning the upright container with the other hand. Make sure that the gun is not pointed to persons when turning it. Only after connection, turn the container together with the gun in the working position, (i.e., upside down).
    Shake the container and clean the gun by pressing the trigger, until there is no foam in the outcoming cleaning agent.