Types of Acoustic Panel Adhesives

Bonding acoustic wall linings refer to the process of attaching sound-absorbing materials to walls in order to reduce noise transmission. This is often done in spaces such as workspaces, concert halls, classrooms, and other similar environments.


When bonding acoustic wall linings, the type of adhesive used is crucial to ensure an effective sound barrier and to permanently adhere the acoustic material to the wall substrate. As the acoustic material is often applied to walls and ceilings, the adhesive used must have a high initial grab to hold the material to the substrate immediately after being bonded.


Pressure-sensitive adhesives are easy to use and provide a quick bond, but they may not be as durable or long-lasting as other types of adhesives.

Contact adhesives, on the other hand, require both surfaces to be coated with adhesive and then brought into contact with one another. They provide a strong bond and are suitable for bonding large surface areas. Contact adhesives are the primary choice for bonding acoustic wall linings due to their fast cure, high initial grab, and excellent permanent bond strength.

Advantages of Acoustic Panel Adhesives

The advanced SabreGrip contact adhesive systems have provided the acoustics industry with superior bonding solutions for installing acoustic panels and polyester wall linings. Below are some of the advantages:


  • Low odor & VOC – SabreGrip canister contact adhesives have a high solids content. Because they are pre-pressurized, they contain much less solvent than traditional contact adhesives, which in turn means they release up to four times less solvent per square meter, making them a very low odor system. Additionally, our range includes non-chlorinated adhesives that do not contain methylene chloride.
  • Fast Drying: SabreGrip canister contact adhesives quickly, enabling a faster installation process and minimizing downtime.
  • Speed of application: SabreGrip canister contact adhesives quickly are easy to apply, allowing for precise, even, and efficient coverage of large surface areas. Because they contain lower solvent levels, the contact adhesive flashes off much faster than traditional adhesives, reducing installation times.
  • Fully portable: SabreGrip canister contact adhesives are 100% self-contained systems, meaning they are highly portable and don’t require an external power or air supply. This makes them ideal for onsite applications, where traditionally you would need an air compressor with a power source.


Sabre provides the best adhesive options in New Zealand, ensuring high quality for optimal acoustic wall lining applications.


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