What are Contact Adhesives?

Contact adhesives are rubber-based adhesives that cure through solvent evaporation, and form an almost instant bond when bonded between surfaces.  Solvent-based contact adhesives use a liquid carrier (solvent) to apply the adhesive to the substrates being bonded. The solvent carrier evaporates, leaving the adhesive on the substrate. Solvent-based contact adhesives are available in a range of adhesive delivery systems including pails, aerosol cans, and pre-pressurized cylinder systems such as our SabreGrip range of spray contact adhesives.

Where are Contact Adhesives Used?

Contact adhesives are used in the construction and manufacturing industries because of their fast-drying characteristics. Where other adhesive types take a long time to dry/cure, contact adhesives form a strong bond as soon as the two surfaces bonded come into contact. The adhesive will continue to develop further strength over the next few hours. 

Sabre contact adhesives suit applications that require fast cure speed, the precision of application, and a firm permanent bond.


  • Multipurpose applications: wood, composites, foams, polystyrene, plastics, membranes, and asbestos encapsulation
  • Heavy-duty applications:  woodworking, high-pressure laminates, rubber, metals, carpet and flooring installation. Furniture, fixtures, vehicle flooring, roofing membranes, and countertop fabrication
  • Upholstery & fabric applications: Foam, fabrics, and upholstery to a variety of materials and themselves. Typical applications include acoustic paneling, furniture, seating, vehicle headliners, office partitions and general foam bonding.

What is Different about Canister Contact Adhesives?

The canister delivery system is an industrial-sized aerosol can that enables problem-free delivery for contact adhesives. The canister design makes it possible to pack more adhesive into a smaller space, which means the total coverage achieved is equivalent to 2-3 standard 20L contact adhesive drums. Unlike traditional contact adhesives applied through a pressure-pot delivery system, canister contact adhesives are self-contained units.

The canister system is delivered full of adhesive and pre-pressurized, using a unique gun and a hose. This gives a consistent spray pattern, increasing the accuracy and speed of the application for users.

Advantages of SabreGrip Canister Contact Adhesives

  • Fast tack: Each adhesive is tack ready in 5-120 seconds. 
  • High green strength: bond strength can be noticed immediately.
  • A healthier workspace: SabreGrip delivers 100% transfer. Because the system uses aerosol technology, all of the adhesive you spray reaches the substrate. SabreGrip has a low solvent content. once applied to your substrate, it evaporates immediately.
  • Profitability:100% of the adhesive in a canister is used. There is no waste with SabreGrip.
  • Ease of use: SabreGrip has easily adjustable spray patterns to suit any application. It is portable for onsite jobs, fast to apply, and easy to clean.