E4568 is a two pack 100% solids low viscosity epoxy primer used for surface preparation. There is no VOC in this product. Due to its 100% solids formulation, it can be applied on substrates sensitive to solvents.


Available in:
10kg Kit

How to use

  • Surface Preparation

    Ensure surface to be primed is free from grease, dirt or other contaminants which may impair adhesion.

  • Mixing

    Mix 2.22 parts of A (Resin) with 1 part B (Hardener) by weight.

  • Primer Application

    The primer can then be applied to the surface using a PU flexible foam roller, ensuring a continuous film at a rate of 0.25kg/m².
    It is important to mix only the amount required since the material is fast curing (pot life of 35 minutes for 100gm. mix).

  • Aggregate Application

    The primer should then be broadcast with PU4568C (aggregate) prior to curing, at a rate of 1kg/m2. This will give a rough surface and increase the adhesion of any further products to be applied on top.