PU5619 is 1:1, fast setting; spray applied two component polyurethane coating. It is 100% solids and contains no VOCs. PU5619 is typically used as a protective coating for expanded polystyrene panels. Developed to provide a tough impact resistant surface for EPS and PU Foam mouldings and panels. Once cured, the coatings is extremely durable, resistant to thermal shock, and protects against chemical attack. PU5619 provides a high gloss finish for product visual appeal enhancement.

How to use

  • Substrate Preparation

    Ensure substrates are clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

  • Application

    The product should be sprayed through a heated plural component spray system. Once sprayed the surface will remain tacky for up to 120 sec during which time contact may cause imperfections. Handling is possible after one minute of curing.