SabreGrip S38 is a fast tacking, industrial grade, spray contact adhesive. Formulated to have a very high solid content resulting in extensive coverage. It also features low odour & excellent green strength. SabreGrip S38 is a high-performance contact adhesive and may be used to form high strength bonds on a wide range of materials including decorative laminates, MDF substrates, plywood, particleboard, veneer, cork, fibreglass, metals, concrete, carpets, some plastics and vinyls, insulation materials and much more.


Available in:
22L Canister


  • Decorative laminates
  • MDF substrates
  • Plywood
  • Particleboard
  • Veneers
  • Fibreglass
  • Metals
  • Concrete
  • Carpets
  • Insulation materials

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

How to Use

  • Spraying the Adhesive:

    Hold spray gun 10-20cm from the surfaces and apply an even coat to cover 80 – 100% of the entire surface to be bonded, slightly overlapping with each pass.

  • Tack Time:

    Allow to dry to tack for 1 – 2 minutes. For porous surfaces and crucial areas, it is recommended to apply a second coat after the first has become tacky.

  • Bonding:

    Place the coated surfaces together and apply firm, uniform pressure to the entire bonding surface (a roller is recommended).

  • Cleaning:

    To remove excess adhesive use Sabre CC Citrus Cleaner.

    For full instructions on using your canister please view our SabreGrip Spraying Manual

    For full instructions on how dispose of your canister, view our SabreGrip Canister Disposal Guide



How much coverage will I get with SabreGrip S38?

Estimated coverage is up to 200m² (single sided) per 22L canister. Coverage is dependent on surface absorbency and adhesive coat weight.

How do I fix the gun if it is blocked?

Instructions for fixing blocked guns can be found on our SabreGrip Gun Maintenance Guide.

How do I dispose of my canister?

Instructions for disposing of empty canisters can be found on our SabreGrip Canister Disposal Guide.

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