PU009000 is a single component moisture curing urethane adhesive. It has been developed primarily for applications in the laminating and panel manufacturing industries where it is used for bonding foam insulating materials, and honeycomb etc., to a wide variety of plastics, metals, and woods.
Formulated for SIP panels and insulated building panels, which require high bond strength, flexibility, and temperature resistance (-40°C to +140°C). Its ease of spreading, high solids content, and one-way stick characteristics ensure fast, low-cost coverage. The PU009000 series is available in a wide range of working times and can be customised to individual customer requirements.


Available in:
220kg Drum


  • SIP Panels
  • Insulated Building Panels
  • Decorative Panels
  • Doors

How to use

  • Substrate Preparation:

    Materials to be bonded must be free from surface contamination, dust, grease, etc.
    Metals should be kept in a warm place prior to bonding to avoid shock cooling of the bond line which leads to protracted curing times.

  • Application:

    The adhesive should be applied to one surface only. The amount of adhesive used will depend upon the porosity of the substrate, but normal coverage rates are between 100gsm and 250gsm.
    If required, a fine mist of water should then be applied to the bondline at a coating weight 10% that of the adhesive coat weight applied.

  • Assembly:

    Panels may be assembled immediately after adhesive application or left for the indicated open time (Note: The open time changes with temperature. This should be monitored)

  • Pressing:

    The panels should be cured in a vacuum or hydraulic press with heat application, if desired to accelerate cure.
    Sufficient even pressure must be applied to keep the components in intimate contact during the curing cycle.
    The pressure required will depend to a great extent on the nature of the substrates but is usually in the range of 10-14 psi.



Is PU009000 available in a variety of working times?

Yes, a wide range of working times are available within the range, and this can be customised to fit unique customer requirements.

Will temperature and humidity affect the working parameters of the adhesive?

Yes. The adhesives cure via a chemical reaction with moisture. Common with most chemical reactions, the rate of curing is affected by temperature and humidity. Applying water brings the humidity to 100%, and therefore eliminates that factor, but the open time and press time are still effected. Our TDS sheets provide guidance on what the required open time and press time are, at the temperatures present during use of the adhesive.

What is the recommended adhesive coat weight?

The amount of adhesive used will depend upon the porosity of the substrate, but normal coverage rates are between 100gsm and 250gsm.

Does PU009000 contain any solvents?

No, the adhesives contain no solvents and is non-flammable, therefore sensitive plastics are not prone to attack.

What is the shelf life of PU009000?

Standard shelf life is approx. 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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