MS Polymer Adhesives

What are MS Polymer Adhesives?


Sabre's MS Polymer adhesives are based on silyl-terminated polyether polymer technology, providing innovative, environmentally friendly moisture-curing bonding.

Polyurethane Adhesives

What are Polyurethane Adhesives?


Sabre provides market-leading liquid polyurethane adhesives in Australia for bonding and lamination in a wide range of applications. Generally, polyurethanes are created from the chemical reaction of polyols with an isocyanate. Polyurethanes are available as a one-component adhesive (1K) or a two-component adhesive (2K).

Contact Adhesives

What are Contact Adhesives?


Sabre offers a range of advanced contact adhesives in Australia, available in canister systems that provide a faster and cleaner application, saving users time and wastage. SabreGrip contact adhesive systems are versatile and durable, enabling them to be used in a wide variety of bonding processes.

Construction & Wood Adhesives

What are Construction & Wood Adhesives?


Construction & Wood Adhesives are essential components in the building and construction industry. Sabre’s portfolio of wood adhesives has been specifically formulated to provide superior bonding performance in different weather conditions, providing a reliable solution for projects that require long-lasting adhesion.