PU5360 is a solventless single component curing urethane binder. It has been specifically developed for application in the moulded tile industry for gym flooring, playgrounds, and equine flooring. Available in a range of viscosities and curing profiles for specific customer requirements.


Available in:
1100KG IBC

220KG Steel Drum


  • Playgrounds
  • Equine Areas
  • Parade Grounds
  • Gym Flooring

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet



Why does the PU5360 discolour with exposure to UV?

As will all MDI polyurethanes, they are subject to colour changes during exposure to ultraviolet light. The strength of the system is not affected. We have in-house UV testing facilities and can test customer’s rubber/binder combinations. We strongly urge our customers to use this service prior to using a new rubber.

How long does it take for PU5360 to cure when pressed in a mould?

Press time is approximately 5 minutes at 90°C. Press time may vary with humidity. Variable curing speeds are available for different applications upon request.

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