PURA4421 is a fast setting, hand-applied two-component pure polyurea coating. It is 100% solids and contains no VOCs. It has been developed as a high strength rigid material for use as a coating onto prepared concrete. It is applied by squeegee or trowel. The product benefits from fast film build-up and quick cure times. Typical applications include waterproofing of roofs and balconies, where high abrasion resistance, flexibility and durability are required. The cross-linked properties of PURA4421 gives excellent resistance against a variety of chemicals such as acids and alkalis.


  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Balcony Waterproofing
  • Concrete Protection
  • Equine Stables
  • Equine Walkways

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

How to use

  • Surface Preparation

    Ensure the surface is prepared according to Leeson Polyurethanes Method Statement.

  • Priming

    The use of E4568 Epoxy primer or PU3922 polyurethane primer, blinded with sand, is required for use with this membrane.

  • Mixing

    Ensure that both components are mixed well before pouring the Polyol component into the NCO component. The two components should be mixed together in the NCO pail for 1 minute using a high torque helical blade mixer ensuring a homogeneous colour is achieved.

  • Application

    The PURA4421 should be poured immediately onto the surface. The product should then be pushed out, using a squeegee, to the required thickness.
    It is recommended that the product is applied at temperatures greater than 10°C

  • Curing

    PURA4421 should be allowed to cure for a minimum 2 hours at 20°C and a maximum 24 hours at 20°C prior to overcoating. The cure time will be extended at low temperatures.