SabreSeal HT is a 100% Silicone Sealant formulated for heavy-duty applications, delivering temperature resistance of up to 250°C. It makes reliable ‘formed-in-place’ gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking, and migration caused by thermal cycling. Ideal to replace almost any cut gasket. SabreSeal HT is also used as a high-temperature silicone sealant to seal, bond, repair, mend, and secure glass, metals, plastics, fabrics, and some vinyls.


Available in:
300ml Cartridge

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  • Gasketing of machinery casings like compressors, pumps & gear boxes
  • Sealing of flange pipe joints, access doors etc.
  • Protection and repair of electrical wiring
  • Sealing between metal components
  • Sealing of heating appliances
  • Industrial/Domestic Ovens
  • General purpose industrial gasketing

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet