SabreBond 055 is a high-quality single component adhesive/sealant with high stiffness and very high adhesive strength. It is based on MS Polymer, chemically neutral and fully elastic. Developed for use in glass bonding applications in the car, coach, caravan, marine, train, and aerospace sectors, where a tough and flexible bond is required. Also suitable for structural elastic bonding between metals, plastics, and composite materials.


Available in:
600ml Foilpack

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  • Bus
  • Coach
  • Caravan
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Aerospace
  • Structural elastic bonding
  • Backfilling/seaming

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

How to use

  • Method

    Manual or pneumatic caulking gun.

  • Application Temperature

    +5°C until +30°C

  • Substrate Preparation

    Ensure substrates are clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

  • Priming

    Clean glass and body side frame using Sabre Surface Activator. Allow 10 minutes to flash off and activate. A ‘milky’ white residue left on the glass is correct.
    Non-fritted glass needs to be primed with Sabre Primer PG. We recommend preliminary compatibility tests previous to application.

  • Tooling

    Soapy solution before skin formation.

  • Repair with

    SabreBond 055