SabreBond SMP40 is an easy-tooling, extra flexible MS Polymer bonding adhesive/sealant for primerless bonding and sealing of metal, alloy, glass, and many plastics. It is ideal for use in low-movement joints in transportation, construction, automotive, and industrial applications. SabreBond SMP40 has high elasticity and flexibility, ensuring longevity throughout service life. It is relatively low modulus, making it suitable for both bonding and sealing applications, with excellent tooling properties.


Available in:
300ml Cartridge (Crystal Clear/White/Grey/Black)

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  • Internal / external sealing and bonding in the transportation, commercial vehicle, caravan, and rail industries
  • Sealing and bonding in the building and construction industry
  • Bonding splashbacks and mirrors
  • Sanitary applications

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

How to use

  • Method

    Manual or pneumatic caulking gun.

  • Application Temperature

    +10°C until +30°C

  • Substrate Preparation

    Ensure substrates are clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

  • Priming

    When bonding, Sabre Surface Activator may be used on non-porous surfaces. We recommend preliminary compatibility tests previous to application.

  • Tooling

    Soapy solution before skin formation.

  • Repair with

    SabreBond SMP40



Is Sabre Bond SMP40 UV Stable?

Yes, SabreBond SMP40 is based on MS Polymer technology and has high UV resistance.

Does SabreBond SMP40 adhere to polyethylene or polypropylene?

No. Preliminary surface treatment is required before bonding to polyethylene or polypropylene. Please contact Sabre to advise the best surface treatment method for your application.

Will SabreBond SMP40 adhere to timber?

Yes, in most situations. There is a lot of variety in the types of timber materials, and we recommend initial compatibility tests. If the material is highly porous, we would recommend a primer such as our Sabre Primer PX.

Can I use SabreBond SMP40 for bonding and for sealing?

Yes. SabreBond SMP40 combines excellent strength properties with a medium modulus viscosity, allowing for great tooling properties in sealing applications.

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