SabreSeal NC60 is a high performance silicone designed for architectural grade glazing. It has been developed to exhibit high tensile strength, fast skin time and offers outstanding long-term adhesion and durability. SabreSeal NC60 is ideally suited to glazing, industrial and automotive sealing, where a high-body sealant is desirable. It cures through exposure to atmospheric moisture, and has excellent UV performance.


SabreSeal NC60 is ideal in applications where fast skin time, green strength and slump is critical such as industrial applications where the item needs to be moved quickly in the production process.


Available in:
300ml Cartridge (Translucent)

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  • Fin glazing
  • Structural butt joints
  • General glazing applications
  • Framerless shower installations
  • Sealing of laminated and reflective glass
  • Installation of solar panels on most roofs

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet