Leeson PU4694 is a two-component universal polyurethane adhesive developed for providing weather and water-resistant bonding to a wide variety of substrates. Developed primarily for structural bonding of insulated panels such as truck panels and door panels. PU4694 has developed a strong track record because of its high long term panel strength and impact resistance.
Leeson PU4694 has unrivalled resistance to extremes of temperature, as well as exposure to oil, water, acids and alkalis. The adhesive gives excellent bonds to wood, GRP, metals to insulation – extruded polystyrene, PU Foam, expanded polystyrene.


  • Refrigerated Truck Panels
  • Insulated Door Panels
  • Caravan Panels
  • Wall Panels
  • Composite materials
  • Clean Room Panels

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet

See all applications in our Technical Data Sheet



Is PU4694 available in a variety of working times?

Yes, a wide range of working times are available within the range, and this can be customised to fit unique customer requirements.

Does PU4694 contain any solvents?

No, the adhesive contains no solvents and is non-flammable, therefore sensitive plastics are not prone to attack.

Can PU4694 be applied through automated adhesive application machinery?

Yes, PU4684 is suited for automated application methods. Please consult Sabre technical department for further information.

How does PU4694 cure?

PU4694 is a two-component polyurethane adhesive and is cured by a chemical reaction between component A (polyol) and component B (isocyanate).

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