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The high seas are the ultimate test

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Buccaneer Boats design and manufacture fibreglass boats for recreational and commercial use. They are well regarded for their high-quality, durable boats that are built to withstand harsh marine environments. Buccaneer Boats selected Sabre as their technical bonding partner to incorporate world-class bonding and sealing solutions throughout their design and production processes.

The toughest conditions need the most reliable products

Sabre Adhesives introduced Buccaneer Boats to silyl modified polymer adhesives and sealant technology. These adhesives and sealants are specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of the marine industry. They have improved durability, adhesion spectrum and UV resistance compared to traditional adhesives. Additionally, these adhesives and sealants have the ability to bond a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, enabling Buccaneer to achieve process efficiency gains throughout various production processes.

The use of adhesives and sealants is an essential step in the construction process of fiberglass boats, they are critical in providing the strength, durability and water resistance that is required in a marine environment."

Gerry Gerrand

Managing Director | Buccaneer Boats